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October 24, 2011 · Comments

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I recently had a chance to review a pair of sunglasses from an up-and-coming distributor, BTB Sunglasses. This company has some unique styles for very active people. The BTB guys were kind enough to give me a pair of my own to take for a test drive; however, the opinions presented here are completely my own. So- the verdict:


Comfort – I can honestly say that I’ve never had a more comfortable pair of sunglasses… seriously. Even after wearing them for hours, I was comfortable- no pinching feeling on the bridge of my nose as is typical with most sunglasses.

Lightweight- The frame is extremely lightweight, which makes them enjoyable to wear. It’s genuinely easy to forget that you have sunglasses on at all.

Style- There are several different styles available. All BTB sunglasses are unique, sporty, and colorful. This style may not appeal to everyone; however, I really like the way they look.

Durable- These glasses proved themselves to be very durable. BTB’s website features a video which demonstrates the strength of their products after taking a direct hit from a firearm (video below). After wearing these sunglasses extensively- in fact, I played ultimate, went running, and even let my 3 year old play with them- they came out unscathed.


Base model not polarized- While other BTB models do have polarized lenses, the base model doesn’t. I’d like to see a little better vision quality; however, it’s still not bad. And if you really want the polarized sunglasses, then you can easily find some from BTB at just a slightly higher price point.


The BTB glasses that I tested are a solid product. Comfortable, stylish and able to keep up with very active lifestyles, they’re a great option if you’re in the market for moderately-priced sunglasses.

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  • This lightweight BTB sunglasses look so cool specially the color and features. I would certainly avail of this discount and I'll give this one as a surprise for my boyfriend. 

  • Wow they look so stylish and hip.

  • I'm not a fan of straight back earpieces on eyewear...I much prefer them to wrap behind my ears, but the cons you list out here outweigh that little pet peeve of mine I think.

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