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Everyone always seems to want to find a simple way to get the best abs that they can. It is the center of your body and honestly the first place people point to when talking about weight loss. Weird machines that make you twist and shout, plug in gizmo’s that “melt away” fat from your mid section, or super fat burning pills are all types of quick fixes people will buy in hopes of getting the look they want. But all of the research points towards the same thing; the best way to slim down is by controlling your diet. The nice thing about focusing on your diet is that it is a way to continually work on getting the best abs you can no matter where you are! So are there foods you can eat to help speed up the fat burning process of your diet?

How Certain Foods Burn Fat

Essentially the human body is a machine. There are many different types of fluid and fuels that can be injected into the body. But each type can change how the machine runs. Some cause the body to run more efficiently and faster, while others cause a build-up of gunk in the engine that makes the machine run worse over time. So what is the best type of fuel to give your body? There are a number of simple things you can include in your diet that will help you slim down and get you the best abs possible while doing nothing more than eating!

Pineapple is a great addition to any breakfast. Raw pineapple is rich in potent vitamin C. Vitamin C is a vital component in the fat burning process. Studies have shown that most people are deficient in vitamin C and having the proper amount or more is effective over the long term in losing weight. It is also considered a negative calorie food; a group of foods that take as much or more energy (calories) to digest than it contains. Also, the fruit contains a high amount of water which helps keep you full longer.

Grapefruit Is another good way to start the day by either eating it or drinking it in raw juice form. This fruit has large amounts of fiber which takes longer to digest, thus lowering food cravings. Grapefruit helps lower insulin levels as well, which curbs the body’s sugar urges.

Green tea is a wonderful addition to the daily routine. Most people know it is full of anti-oxidants. But it also has a chemical called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which helps increases metabolism when combined with small amounts of caffeine. Drinking five cups throughout the day can burn up to 70 or 80 calories over the day.

Water is very important as we are comprised of more water than anything else. Dehydration has been shown to slow your metabolism. Lack of water will also increase fatigue and sugar cravings. The best practice is to drink water continually during the day with at least 8 cups consumed.

Hot spices are always fun, but they can also help with weight loss. Spicy food increases your body temperature and might even cause you to sweat a little. This also raises the heart rate which in turn increases your metabolism. Try cayenne, hot sauce, hot chilies, and red peppers to help give you the best abs in the spice aisle!

Cinnamon can help metabolize sugars more effectively when eaten with food. This will lower the body’s blood sugar levels. Too much extra sugar leads to increased fat storage. Try using this sweet addition as a substitute for sugar.

Low fat dairy can also help you trim down. Dairy is rich with calcium which inhibits production of calcitriol. This fun hormone tells cells to generate more fat. Try adding low fat yogurt or cottage cheese to increase your calcium and block that calcitriol!

So there you have it; a few simple additions to your diet to burn more fat while you eat. In some cases you are eating certain things to curb your appetite and prevent overeating. Others will help naturally increase metabolism during the day without working out. But the bottom line is this is a fairly simple and straightforward way to easily adjust your diet. As that fat burns away you can proudly show off the best abs possible whether it is in front of the mirror or at the pool!

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Author Bio: Angelina Ignatova is a fellow fitness enthusiast who enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle while pursuing her own flat abs.

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  • ResultsSports

    Well I have found jogging 3 times per week and drinking lots of water each day is very good.

  • Don’t just think about losing a couple of kilos, think about gradually changing your life to enable you to always achieve and maintain a fitter, happier, healthier you.

  • Add explosive exercises like kettlebell swings and jump squats to your workout, or tweak existing exercises like the bench press and deadlift to focus more on power.I've often said that if a movement is worth doing, it's worth doing in every workout.Do exercises that employ the most muscle mass, such as squats, deadlifts, pullups, and dips.

  • janice bell

    These are really good tips for
    burning fat. Thanks!!!

  • This is so inpirational as well.

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