5 Alternate Ways to Workout

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We all know a good exercise routine is a crucial part of maintaining our health. But if your aerobics class has you feeling disenchanted, or you just aren’t thrilled with the idea of running to the gym lately, you definitely have other options you can try to keep your body moving toward your fitness goals.

Some healthy exercise possibilities might surprise you. For instance, badminton can serve as a light or strenuous workout, depending on how intensely a person plays, and is appropriate for children and adults. The game utilizes the entire body because of all the movement it requires, and promotes upper body strength in particular, along with stamina, flexibility, and core stability. High-level badminton matches may have participants running up to four miles, and changing direction 300 times.

Belly Dancing
Belly dancing is a low-impact workout that promotes back and hip flexibility, increases core strength, and helps tone the entire body. Some people believe this dance form has considerable benefits for pregnant women, as it requires a woman to strengthen her abdominal muscles, which she will rely on intensely for delivery. Some of the deep breathing taught in belly dancing is also used in childbirth classes.

Exercise Pool
Water is a unique environment in which to exercise because the resistance it provides boosts muscle strength, flexibility, and stamina. An exercise pool or plunge pool can support most or all of a person’s bodyweight, which is especially helpful for an injured individual. That person can exercise without placing unnecessary stress on his or her injury.

In a water aerobics class, a workout can be tailored to suit individual needs and abilities just by adjusting the size and speed of workout movements. Every joint and muscle can be used simultaneously, and it’s even likely that the person exercising will work up a sweat (but will fortunately feel a little cooler in the water).

Ice Hockey
Don’t let the seasons limit your exercise routine. Instead, see what you can do with what the weather hands you. For the right person, ice hockey can be an ideal way to work out a little stress in the winter, while doing something fun with friends. The sport requires that a person engage his lower body and abdominal muscles to stay balanced, while the upper body is busy controlling the hockey stick. In just the typical 60 to 90 seconds a player is on the ice, his heart rate can reach 190, and even off the ice, he will continue burning calories.

Play with Your Kids
What better way is there to couple family time with personal fitness? Enlist the help of your little ones to tone your body while giving them the time with you that they crave. Grab your toddler and fly him around like an airplane. Put your baby in his carrier while you do lunges around the house. Head to the playground and play tag together, or grab your teen for a game of basketball. You’ll all be getting the best of both worlds.

The key to freshening up your workout is creativity. Don’t be afraid to try something new and enjoy the many benefits exercise brings to your body and your overall outlook.

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Author Bio: Brandon Serna is a fellow fitness enthusiast who enjoys sharing the benefits of exercise pools with the world. His post today is supplied by Hydroworx.

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