5 Biggest Mistakes We Make Working Out

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Everyone wants to be in shape, but working out isn’t easy for all of us. It is hard to get motivated to even begin working out.  Once you pick up your motivation, you need to find the perfect gym, start and stick to a diet and then keep up your motivation by setting a goal for yourself.  Although the hurdles of working out are different for everyone, there are ways to overcome them and have great success. Listed blow are five of the most common mistakes that people make when they work out.

Make sure you are breathing correctly.

 Although this is a simple mistake, it is one of the most common.  Breathing properly while exercising is an essential factor to getting good results.  Many people do not know that you should take deep, long breaths.  The deeper you breath, the more oxygen you are taking in and more oxygen will allow you to workout harder and longer.  Also, by exhaling at the harder part of the workout you are getting a better exercise.  For the best results, get into a good breathing habit and never hold your breath.

Warm up and stretch out.

Warming up is key to preparing for a workout.  Jogging, jumping, push-ups, and sit-ups are all good warm up exercises.  As stated before, you will prepare yourself physically for the workout and mentally too. Warm ups also involve stretching your muscles.  To start, stretch all of your muscles and then after your workout stretch out the muscles that are tight.  Everyone has a different body and the muscles are different too.  So by stretching only the muscles that are tight, you will avoid wasting time. By warming up, you are putting yourself in the best mind set for a good workout.  Stretching out with also warm you up and prevent soreness.

Don’t rush your workout.

Too many people go to the gym and do their whole workout by speeding through it and not taking a break.  If you don’t take your time, there is no way to see great results.  By taking your time you can perform the exercises to a tee. Concentrate on the technique so you can feel the burning and the tightening of the muscle you are working out.  If you rush through a workout, there is no point in working out to begin with.

Change it up. 

Muscle confusion is one of the best ways to see the results you want.  When you are constantly doing the same exercises and focusing on the same muscles, your body will get used to it and it will have no effect.  Mix up your workouts and you will see the results you want.  Your muscles will be surprised and have to work harder, thus giving you a better workout.

Set reasonable goals.

A lot of people, whether its their first time working out or they’ve been working out forever, set goals way to far out of reach.  Set goals that are within your reach.  Now, this isn’t to say that if you set goals too high you’ll never achieve them, but take it step by step.  Write down your goals and check them off when you reach them.  Have a plan and set it in stone. 

These are not the only mistakes out there, but these are very common.  Stay away from making these mistakes and you’ll have great success in your workout endeavors.

Author Bio: This article was written by Alyssa Jacobs who writes for www.acnecentre.com, a website that specializes in acne.

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  • Usually getting began on a system is the worst but once you get utilizing you can get in a beat and quickly focus on it. At least thats been my encounter. 

  • Interesting points in relation to cellulite..

  • Great article. Usually getting started on a workout program is the hardest part but once you get the ball rolling you can get in a rhythm and easily prioritize it. At least thats been my experience. Thanks for posting.

  • Good article, especially the stretching part ! 

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