How To Drink Black Coffee

January 28, 2009 · Comments

I love coffee. More specifically, I love black coffee. It genuinely tastes better and it is so much healthier than drinking it with tons of sugar and cream. Plus, without all the fat and calories coffee is actually really good for you. However, I wasn’t always this way. I actually had to train myself to get off the sugar and cream and enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be tasted. If you are like I was and throw in needless packs of sugar and dump in milk, cream, or half and half then I recommend the following 5 step process to remove these needless calories from your life and become a true coffee lover.

1) Remove the cream – By removing the cream you can begin to taste the real acidity and flavor of the coffee. Believe it or not, coffee isn’t a flavor you add to your milk but a drink that needs to be enjoyed on its own.

2) Remove the sugar – Now that you have the cream out and you can actually begin to taste the real coffee try gradually removing the sugar from your coffee. If you usually add 3 sugars, try 2. If 2, try 1. Work your way down until you have no added sugar in your coffee. If you were like I was, then this could save you over 100 calories per cup!

3) Savor the taste – After all the sugar and cream are gone you can really experience what the coffee tastes like. If this is your first time drinking it totally black, you may not appreciate the subtleties of the flavors yet. It will take a little time to retrain your tongue. Jason Coffee has some advice on this topic.

4) Try different coffees - Now that you know what coffee is supposed to taste like try out different blends and see which one suits you best. Lately I’ve been trying tons of different kinds of coffee and I’m constantly surprised at how different each blend tastes. This experimentation can really add enjoyment to your coffee experience.

5) Buy good coffee - All that’s left to do now is buy the good stuff. Buying coffee beans by the pound is a great way to make sure that you get a consistently good cup of fresh, healthy, low calorie coffee that tastes great every time. I always enjoy buying a bag from Starbucks and having them grind the beans for me. The smells from the fresh ground beans alone are always enjoyable.

Seriously, just try drinking your coffee black for a month and I doubt you will regret the decision. Coffee is a natural, healthy drink and when enjoyed properly, is a great low calorie way to treat yourself.

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  • Erik

    I ended up making my preference for black coffee just from the smell alone. It never made sense to me to smell it brewing, and then to dump sugar and cream into it. That pure, natural coffee taste is what I enjoy most. I'm an airline pilot, and black coffee gives just the "kick" I need.

  • Zwe

    You playing wow

  • SallyBtheRD

    Adventurous Joe Coffee has wonderful, fair trade coffee. Worth a try, as is black coffee. My favorite way!

  • keneth143

    Black coffee and is one of the best and natural with no added color and good for health, clear digestive problems and keeps you away from several of diseases away like reduce weight and burn calories and keeps you fit and healthy.

  • I hate to tell you but you put Starbucks and good coffee in the same sentence. This is clearly a mistake.

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